We have been contributed to development of the electronics industry through various
precious-metals plating of electronic products since our company was established.
We have been able to obtain reliance with greatest you and demands.We owe you and
people concerned for the extraordinary support and cooperation to us.
Towards a new century, we are continuing to make effect which changes quickly,
with the theme “Challenge to impossibillity from global view.”
We are also focusing on environmental protection as a company which cultivates the future,
and hope to extend our activities and sevices with stronger partnership with you, a user.


By Train or Bus

JR Chuo Line Musashisakai Sta. Exit South.
On Foot about 15 minutes.
On Bus : No 3 for Komae-Station going Entrainment.
The 3rd bus-stop Musashisakaieigyousyo alighting 1 minute.

By Car

It is about 20 minutes from
Chuo highway Chofu I.C..


In our company, in order to meet lead free requests, characteristic equivalent to a precius-metals plating which keeps environmental protection has been newly developed.
Compared with silver plating, contact resistance becomes high. Marked improvement is carried out about discoloration-proof nature and corroison resistance.

Alloy ratio (depth direction) intensity.
The intensity in the depth direction of a plating is measured. The alloy ratio in a plating is almost fixed in the depth direction.

The plating fits the parts for high frequency
communication as plating which is non-magnetism and replaces silver plating.

The optimal as a measure against Nickel allergy.An antibacterial action.

Alloy ratio (%)Hardness(Hv)
Copper : Tin : Zine
Copper:50 – 55
Tin:30 – 35
Zine:15 – 20
580 – 620

Silver Plating

The original expertise of our company accoumulated over many years performs homogeous high plating. The feature which backs up more the characteristic of silver plating, such as high hardness and discoloration-proof nature, is added.

  • Uniform bright finish is possible from thin plating to thick plating if needed.
  • The high hardeness plating which is excellent in wear resistance is made by the know-how of our company. Moreover, it excels in discoration-proof nature and the stable plating is obtained.
  • Talking advantage of the outstanding electorical property, it is widely used as point-of contact parts.
Purity (%)Hardness(Hv)Contact resistance (μΩ)
99 – 99.5180 – 2000.2 – 0.3

Nickel Plating

The work trined based on the manual which has been accumulated the “know-how” of our company completes the products which bring out the characteristic of Nockel plating in the maximum effeciently.

  • Plating which can perform secondary proccessing of bending, narrowing down by high hardeness is based on the original “know-how” of our company.
  • The thin plating (1 -6 ) to the material of complicated from extends the application range of functional Nickel plating.
  • Beautiful plating for big parts, either can be performed without rack-mark.
Purity (%)Hardness(Hv)Contact resistance (μΩ)
99.5 – 99.6Semi-Bright200 – 250
Bright500 – 550
Semi-Bright1.3 – 1.5
Bright4.5 – 5.5

Quality Policy

1, quality philosophy

We have greatest goal of getting “All THE QUANTITY IN GOOD QUALITY” with management philosophy to “CHALLENGE IMPOSSIBILITY” and are active we gather originality of all members of company, and to satisfy a quality demand with an aspect of every company activity.

2, quality control

“Making the 21st century with all interfaces concerned in quality/environment “is our slogan and will be promoted. The main activity item is as follows.

 a)  We try for precise grasp of a product specification provided with we satisfy customer needs quality, and to maintain it. Furthermore, we follow the quality requirements which related laws and regulations and we agreed to and try for customer satisfaction improvement.
 b)  We perform continuous self-improvement for target drafting and a review of the contents every year. We intend to wrestle with conformity of continuous quality requirements, improvement activity by it.
 c)  We wrestle with establishment of the QA system which can achieve customer quality requirements and concerns for the future.
 d)  We carry out quality education for all the employees to meet customer requirements and social needs continuously and promote improvement of quality of quality consciousness improvement and organization activity.

 Quality requirements are satisfied, and president and all the members of company are active with confidence to contribute to an area and society because it is improved.

We are active along “QUALITY POLICY” to achieve quality target. And it determines a concrete aim for every section.

Futoshi Shiba

President greetings

We contributed to society by a policy to “CHALLENGE IMPOSSIBILITY” since the establishment of a business widely in the field of surface finish.

A model of a conventional trust type company produces things demanded by merely market. However, we meet a system of a market and I make things to supply a product with a demand and develop it.

We continue challenging it to answer functionality, a social demand of environmental conformity and build a new plating system among society in the future. Furthermore, we reinforce marketing and always grasp the situation of a market system.

And we continue challenging it so that needs can customize it by performing technology development, production and organic cooperation.

We go in the 21st century, and we suggest a new idea of Interfacer *. It is harmony with society and a new general idea of the coming system which is indispensable as surface finish business.

Our challenge to market development is a meaning same as ourselves becoming INTERFACER* in our society.


Interfacer is our original concept based on both word of interface (the joining between heterogeneous organization to harmony) and word of surfacer (surface finisher).

Futoshi Shiba