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Tm-x (Tri-Alloy)
Gold plating
Silver plating
Nickel plating
In our company, in order to meet lead free requests, characteristic equivalent to
a precius-metals plating which keeps environmental protection has been newly developed.
Compared with silver plating, contact resistance becomes high. Marked improvement is
carried out about discoloration-proof nature and corroison resistance.

Alloy ratio (depth direction) intensity.
The intensity in the depth direction of a plating
is measured. The alloy ratio in a plating is
almost fixed in the depth direction.
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The plating fits the parts for high frequency
communication as plating which is
non-magnetism and replaces silver plating.

The optimal as a measure against Nickel allergy.
An antibacterial action.
Alloy ratio (%) Hardness(Hv)
Copper : Tin : Zine
Copper 50 - 55
Tin 30 - 35
Zine 15 - 20
580 - 620

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